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Merit Badge books
      Serving the Sanford - Lake Mary, Florida area since 1965


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The following Merit Badge books are held by the Troop as of
July 1 2000.  Check one out for $0.25. 

American Business 1 Engineering 1 Plant Science
American Cultures Entrepreneurship Plumbing
American Heritage Environmental Science (Eagle) 1 Pottery 1
American Labor 2 Family Life (Eagle) 8 Public Health
Animal Science Farm Mechanics Public Speaking 1
Archaeology Fingerprinting 1 Pulp and Paper
Archery 2 Fire Safety Radio
Architecture First Aid (Eagle) 2 Railroading
Art 1 Fish and Wildlife Management 1 Reading
Astronomy 2 Fishing 3 Reptile & Amphibian Study 3
Athletics 2 Forestry 2 Rifle Shooting 3
Atomic Energy Gardening 2 Rowing
Auto Mechanics Genealogy 1 Safety
Aviation 2 Geology 1 Salesmanship 1
Backpacking Golf Scholarship 2
Basketry 1 Graphic Arts 1 Sculpture
Bird Study Hiking (Eagle) 1 Shotgun Shooting 1
Bugling Home Repairs 1 Skating
Camping (Eagle) 2 Horsemanship 1 Small-Boat Sailing
Canoeing 5 Indian Lore Snow Sports
Chemistry Insect Study Soil and Water Conservation
Cinematography 3 Journalism Space Exploration 1
Citizenship in the Community (Eagle) 2 Landscape Architecture Sports
Citizenship in the Nation (Eagle) 2 Law Stamp Collecting
Citizenship in the World (Eagle) Leatherwork 2 Surveying
Climbing Lifesaving (Eagle) 1 Swimming (Eagle)
Coin collecting 1 Mammal Study 1 Textile
Collections 1 Medicine Theater
communications (Eagle) Metalwork 3 Traffic Safety
Computers 1 Model Design and Building Truck Transportation 1
Cooking 3 Motorboating Veterinary Medicine
Crime Prevention 2 Music Water-skiing
Cycling (Eagle) Nature Weather
Dentistry Oceanography 2 Whitewater 1
Disabilities Awareness 2 Orienteering 1 Wilderness Survival 1
Dog Care Painting Wood Carving
Drafting Personal Fitness (Eagle) Woodwork 1
Electricity Personal Management (Eagle)  
Electronics Pets 1
Emergency Preparedness (Eagle) Photography 1
Energy Pioneering
updated: 10/24/01


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BSA Troop 507
Seminole Trails District, Central Florida Council 
Charter Organization: St Peters Episcopal Church
Lake Mary, Florida USA
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